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So today at Disneyland I went to meet Captain America. While we are talking i ask him “who do you think should be together in your Avengers team”. He replied with “Hawkeye and Black Widow. Something is between them. I mean she even wore an arrow necklace.” And then believe it or not he said “I shipping them.” I look at him dead in eyes and say “You mean ship?” He said “Yes! Something I picked up from you young kids.” Even Disneyland Captain America ships Clintasha!

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"Now listeners is seems that Bruce, Perfect Bruce can to in to a giant green monster when angered… isn’t  that wonderful listeners?! I think its wonderful… hes wonderful and perfect *sigh* …. … … now listeners you may be wondering how I learned about this amazing gift. WeLL listeners it seems than Thor Odinson, you know, the Thunderer, broke one of Bruce’s science~y things and well things got out of hand… "

I blame all of this nonsense on ohthisismuchworse and slowdancingangels and their Avengers/Welcome to Night Vale AU with Clint is Cecil and Bruce as Perfect Carlos. I fell in love with the idea and had to draw SOMETHING…. so have a silly pic of Hawkeye as Cecil gushing over perfect scientist Bruce’s Hulk form <3<3 (I may draw Carlos/Bruce at some point in the future)