I'm Lindsey. 20. Christian, Sherlockian, Whovian, Avenger, Ravenclaw, lover of Fluffalo, Future Zookeeper and overall fangirl
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Hey, just wanted to say thanks for the +follow! Hope the interview went well, and that you're hanging in there. If this is weird/invasive/creepy, just let me know, and you don't have to respond or anything, but I wanted to see how you were holding up and let you know that if you need/want to talk, I'm available. Obviously, strangers on the internet and it's kinda weird and all, but I've been following you for a while. Just wanted to let you know I believe in you and that you'll do great!

No problem! I wish I paid attention and realized you were following me so I could have followed you sooner! My interview actually went really really well, I think I’ll get. I just have to find a place to live which just another of many problems. Everything else is still crazy, but I’ll manage. The semester is, thankfully, almost over.

I don’t find it creepy at all, I think its sweet and I’m really glad you messaged me, it definitely brightened my super stressful day :]